Today I realized that I need to change myself for the better. It will be a hell of a challenge, but I am ready. The last year I said the same exact thing, “Oh I am going to change. I’m ready!” but honestly not much about myself has changed. 

Here is what did change since 2012:

1. My job (I left a job I assumed I would be at until after college)

2. My boyfriend (I dated a guy for 5 years and ended up leaving him, but now I believe I have found Prince Charming ;P)

3. My home (I am currently living with my boyfriend)

4. My use of contact lenses (I mostly wear glasses nowadays)

5. Pet owner status (I am officially a cat owner 😀 my parents didn’t let me have my own pet, so it is a huge deal to me!)

As you can see, I did not develop any new awesome habits, hobbies, or even finally reach my fitness goal. Life just happened and I went ahead and went with the flow. However, I will say that having a pet,moving out of my parent’s house, and finding the man I truly believe to be my soul mate are wonderful additions to my life.I am much happier in 2013.

Whenever it comes to me actually analyzing myself, I am speechless because I haven’t really changed. ^_^ No need to fret though I suppose, that is why I decided to take up blogging. I hope to start blogging at least every other day and overall start improving myself. There is a lot to change and I figure blogging about it will hopefully make the change stay for once so I can lead a more meaningful life.